Boat Dealers in Missouri: Boat Types to Satisfy Your Need for Speed

Some people buy boats to enjoy a lazy day under the sun, others do it for competitive fishing and cruising fast on the water. If you’re one of the latter and you are in the market for a new vessel, you need to know what types can satisfy your need for speed. This way, when you go to meet up with your local boat dealers in Missouri or anywhere else, you’ll know exactly what you need to look for.

boat dealer

Bay Boats

Bay boats are known for their slender and small build, but that’s what makes them even faster. Without the unnecessary weight, they can easily reach high speeds on the shallow waters, estuaries, or even near the shore. They are typically used for saltwater fishing and can go really fast with their flat bottoms. Most models come with 250-hp to 300-hp engines that could go as fast as 50 mph so you can travel from one fishing spot to the next in less time.

Bass Boats

As the name implies, bass boats are specifically designed for bass fishing on the calm freshwaters. Despite this, they still pack quite a punch in terms of speed. This is why they are used for tournament fishing but some do use it for recreational boating. If you’re looking to show off your fishing skills on a tournament, you need a bass boat with an engine that would go at least 225-hp to 300-hp. That should be fast enough for you to keep things interesting.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats have seen some major improvements in recent years especially when it comes to speed. Now, they can be used for skiing, towing, cruising and fishing on small bodies of water like inland lakes and rivers. While pontoon boats may not be the fastest boat around, they still reach good speeds on their 90-hp or 50-hp engines. A variety referred to as tri-toons can even be fitted with more powerful engines from 150-hp to 300-hp.

These are only some of your choices when you look for fast boats for sale in Missouri or anywhere else. There are many more available to you depending on your intended use for your vessel. Go to trusted dealerships like White’s Marine Center to get your hands on some of the fastest boats.


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