Bennington Pontoon Boats: Purposes and Important Advice for Buyers

Parties are fun and you can have them almost anywhere—even over water! With a “party over water” idea, what you might first think of is a luxury cruise ship. For a less formal party though, a pontoon boat would be great. Aptly nicknamed “party boat”, a boat of this type is perfect for leisure or recreational boating.

bennington pontoon boat

There’s a lot of room to accommodate a group of people and if there’s only a few passengers, the extra space is perfect for stretching out for a relaxing ride. Pontoon boats are easy to customize according to specific needs. Many accessories are available and you can even use lawn furniture if you want.

Other Purposes

Because of the design and customizability, pontoon boats are versatile in their functions. With the flat surface common in many models, it is an ideal platform for fishing enthusiasts. Just fit it in with livewells, bait buckets, and rod holders and you’re all set. Cruising is also a common use for pontoon boats; just remember to add a canopy for those hot days or a camper enclosure for an overnight cruise.

The Boats of Bennington

When it comes to party boats, Bennington pontoon boats are among the most recognized in the industry. Boating Magazine, the world’s largest powerboat magazine, included four of Bennington’s models in its list of the Best Pontoon Boats of 2015. The design and performance are commonly praised, citing the innovative qualities of the manufacturer’s designs. It’s actually hard to find any similar list that doesn’t include a Bennington model.

Buying a Pontoon Boat

The manufacturer has partnered up with many distributors across the nation; therefore, you’ll have an easy time looking for a Bennington Pontoon boat if you’re interested in buying one. Discover Boating, a public awareness program for recreational boating, recommends going to local dealerships first when looking for a boat to buy. It also reminds boat buyers to be aware of all costs of ownership aside from the price of the boat itself—including insurance, storage, and maintenance.

It’s a good thing that in Oklahoma, one of the states with the greatest offerings for boating enthusiasts, boat dealers like White’s Marine Center offer a wide selection of Bennington boat models in their inventory.


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