Boats for Sale in Iowa: What You Need To Know Before Committing to Buy

There is just something appealing about owning a boat. Whether it’s sailing the blue waters for fishing or satisfying your need for speed, travelling by boat is an experience, second to none. To some, the large aquatic setting offers a relaxing ambience, while to others, it is a chance to escape those annoying traffic situations on land.


In Iowa, boats for sale ads are practically as commonplace as bodies of water. If you’re considering buying one, here are some guidelines that may help focus your perspective.


This is perhaps the most important factor to consider before taking the plunge. Depending on what you want to use it for, and in what condition (new or used), buying a boat will definitely set you back some thousands of bucks. Also, you need to factor in maintenance costs as well as provision for possible repairs. Sounds like a lot, but according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, a whopping 72% of boat owners in America have annual incomes of less than $100,000. So don’t get discouraged about the anticipated costs.


Just like how vehicle owners worry about parking spaces, you must also contemplate where to berth your boat after purchase. Will you buy or rent the dock? Considering how often you plan on using it, and the distance to your frequent destinations, may help you reach an optimal decision.


The city of Iowa requires all boat proprietors to register their vessels with the Department of Natural Resources. This is usually valid for three years, after which you must apply for a renewal. Also, your registration documents must be on board at all times. Keep in mind, these requirements are non-negotiable and strictly enforced. There is no grace period for defaulters.

Who to trust?

Preferably, go to trustworthy Iowa boat dealers offering genuine products and amazing after-sales services, such as  Whites Marine Center. They should be able to provide storage facilities for its customers so they don’t have to deal with docking problems after purchase.

For whatever reason prompting you to buy a boat, always remember to practice safe and responsible sailing. With the right purchase, it should be no time at all till you’re enjoying a view of the sunset out at sea on your boat.


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