More People Are Purchasing New and Used Boats for Sale in Missouri

The tides are turning and the wind is finally in favor of the boating industry as boaters celebrate a major rollback in gas prices this year. The recession had hit the US economy and the boating industry, just like all the other industries, has suffered major losses because of it. With the struggling economy back on track and with the decrease in the price of fuel, however, consumers are beginning to show interest in boating once more.

Boating Industry

According to statistics, there are currently more than 12 million registered boats in the United States. National boat sales have also increased by 3%, adding up to a sum of $37 billion. While Missouri isn’t considered the boating capital of the country, the National Marine Manufacturers Association hails it as the state that ranks 15th in terms of having the highest number of registered boats. According to the Kansas City Star, “Missouri had 297,562 registered boats in the most recent survey and had total sales of $323 million of boats, motors, trailers and accessories. The state supports 726 recreational boating businesses and 10,000 jobs.”

There’s no doubt that more and more Missouri residents are becoming interested in trying out boating as a hobby. Boating, after all, is a favorite national pastime and a great recreational activity that will help people become more active outdoors. It can also serve as a fun hobby that can be done to bond with friends, family and other boaters who share the same interests.

Now buying a boat can be a huge financial investment, but a first-time buyer can save a few dollars by choosing to purchase used boats for sale in Missouri. While some aspiring boaters believe that buying a spanking new model is better, there are a lot of well-made and reliable secondhand boats available in the market.

Buying used boats is not an uncommon decision. Statistics show that Americans are not only supporting brand-new products but there has also been an increase in the purchase of used boats as well. In fact, 995,000 secondhand units were sold in the previous year alone. If you’re also thinking about buying a boat of your own, there are established boat dealers in Missouri such as White’s Marine Center who offer a wide selection of new and used boats for sale.

(Source: Wind is back in the sails of the boating industry, The Kansas City Star, January 22, 2015)


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