Advice from Recreational Boat Dealers in Oklahoma on Finding Boats

If you like spending your leisure time on the water, there are many types of boats to choose from. When purchasing a watercraft from any number of recreational boat dealers in Oklahoma, you have to consider its intended use and whether you like it new or used. That in mind, boat merchants share tips on how to look for the right boat.

Recreational Boat

What Do You Need?

Before going through the list of boats for sale in Oklahoma, you should first determine the type of boat you will need. Boats are classified into three categories according to their use: cruising boats, fishing boats, and boats for watersports.

Cruising boats include bowriders, sailboats, pontoons, trawlers, and cabin cruisers. Meanwhile, fishing boats include bass boats, center consoles, sport-fishing boats, walkarounds, and aluminum fishing boats. Lastly, watersport boats include ski boats, jet boats, personal watercrafts, and wakeboard boats.

Buying a New vs. Used Boat

There are pros and cons when buying a brand new or secondhand boat. To help you decide, you should consider three things: the history of the boat, the current condition of the boat, and the value of the boat.

Many boat dealers recommend buying it new especially if it is your first boat. First, because the repair and maintenance history of the boat will be virtually non-existent and you are all but guaranteed that the boat will be in its best condition at the time you buy it. Secondly, you will have better interest rates and higher selling or trade-in values in the future.

Buying secondhand vessels are only recommended if you have prior experience with it. Experienced boaters have gained enough knowledge to thoroughly inspect and assess the condition of the boat with regards to its history of repair and maintenance. Also, they have a better chance to raise the value of the boats for future appraisal.

Choose Your Dealer

When looking for a well-stocked retailer like White’s Marine Center, you should also familiarize yourself with the different boat brands so you’ll know which dealer carries that brand and whether they are authorized to sell that brand of boat. You should also, take your budget into consideration so you can get the best value for your money.

(Source: What Type of Recreational Boat is Right for You?, In the Nation, 29 July 2014)


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