Pontoon Boats for Sale in Kansas: Taking Care On and Off the Water

An in-depth search for new boats for sale in Kansas may lead you to invest in a new pontoon boat, which has its own raft of advantages for fun in the water for all ages. Still, part of relishing that challenge is learning how to maintain the boat when you have to put it away for some downtime. In an article for PontoonBoatNow, writer Paul McIver says that learning to take care of the boat will save you much money in the long run.

Top Notch Condition

Pontoon boats have rode their own surf better than other small marine craft classes thanks in large part to a recovery trend these past six years. Many people want what was once labeled as “Mom and Dad’s barge” because of new sleeker styles and ample performance. That’s the direction that veteran Kansas boat dealers like White’s Marine Center want to help you steer towards, but it’s on you to be better at taking care of it like you would your loved ones.


Putting the pontoon boat on a trailer designed specifically for ‘tooners or at least on a dry dock enables you to have a look under the water line. Spraying a soap-water mix on the hulls and drying afterwards helps remove saltwater and dirt buildup.

Up Top

A moderate degree of house cleaning is needed if you’re putting the houseboat on maintenance downtime. For the deck, start by applying carpet cleaner on the upholstery and vacuuming the entire place as well; this will prevent the buildup of mold and mildew on the cabin area. Use non-slip cleaners for a full deck scrub.

Once the cleanup is complete, you can then wrap up the main structure with a boat cover. You have a choice of full covers or bimini tops.

Season Checks

Some marine recreation experts state that the maintenance you do on your boat changes with the seasons. Preventive maintenance, for example, will involve testing the pontoon boat’s electrical systems, checking the fuel, oil, and water lines for clogs, and greasing the fittings. The motor’s sparkplugs will have to be replaced at end-season if the boat has been frequently used.

An important part of the seasonal maintenance program includes taking the boat off the water to prevent the air tubes from cracking, given air temperature and pressure fluctuations. Although the fuel lines should be checked, fill up the tank to roughly three-fourths full to compensate for expanding fuel. Periodic waxings retain the boat’s ability to withstand UV radiation.

A pontoon boat that’s kept in pristine condition off the water will be a delight to handle once it’s back where it belongs. Take care of it, and it will keep you and your guests safe.

(Source: A Little Care Will Keep Your Boat in Top Notch Condition, PontoonBoatNow)


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