Pontoon Boats for Sale in Iowa: Appropriate for Fishing Adventures

When you’re in the market for quality boats for sale in Iowa that may be repurposed as recreational fishing platforms, some sellers may nudge you towards giving pontoon boats a try. In an article for Boats.com, Lenny Rudow says the popularity of pontoon boats gives rise to the notion that it’s a jack of all trades.

Serious Fishing Boat

Rudow’s claims may not be far from the truth for Iowans who have an affinity for the water. The presence of multiple natural lakes and three major rivers offer vast opportunities for having fun cresting the waves– and possibly score a wonderful catch. If you are ready to make a leap into the unknown, start going there with trusted boat dealers in Iowa such as the White’s Marine Center.

Riding High

Pontoon boats are known for being able to brave calm to choppy waters and remaining stable all throughout. Rudow said inland bodies of water work well for tri-hull tooners, as their wide design allows them to be stable while cresting waves of up to two feet, just like regular V-hull boats. You should not attempt, however, to go into deeper open water because larger waves can overwash the deck.

Power is a major sticking point for pontoon boats, and your prospect vessel’s specs will have listings for the outboard motors with output ratings most appropriate for their weight class. For example, a 26-foot long unit may require engines packing over 300 horsepower, which can help you achieve up to 40 miles per hour at max power.

Different Décor

A pontoon boat offers many options for customizing as a fishing platform, especially when you bring your ideas to a boat seller whose offerings include one that fits. Many pontoon boats have steel railings where you can mount rod holders while others allow for seats forward or aft. You may think about a pontoon boat that has space for add-on equipment modules, Rudow says, especially livewells for your catch.

The philosopher Maimonides said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” When you do the teaching in a fun way aboard pontoon boats like those offered at the White’s Marine Center, that’s the start of an adventure you’d never thought possible.

(Source: Can a Pontoon Boat be a Serious Fishing Boat?, Boats.com)


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