Established Boat Dealers in Missouri Offer New and Pre-Owned Options

Lund has released redesigns of its Pro Guides, particularly the 1775, 1875, and 2075 models; and local fishing aficionados may now check out these latest lines at reputable boat dealers in Missouri. The Pro Guide series has always been among fishermen’s favorites to take out to sea, and the new models are modified and re-engineered versions aimed at strengthening Lund’s foothold in the market.


The new offerings come with lengthened hulls and broader beams, and provide superb comfort and legroom. One of the earliest Pro Guides owners, Minnesota fishing Hall of Famer Gary Roach described the experience as follows: “Sitting in the captain’s chair of my new Pro Guide feels like fishing in my living room”. He further says, “the boat’s that roomy, that comfortable. And it’s got a bunch of brand new goodies-sweet little surprises for which Lund engineers have become famous. This rig is going to turn some heads.”

The new Pro Guides also have added premium rod storage, upgraded Pro Command Consoles, and higher maximum horsepower. The 1875 model has a rod locker that can store up to 10 rods of up to 8-feet in length. The 1775 and 2075 models has a bigger rod storage, each capable of storing up to 15 rod and reels up to 10-feet.

If these aren’t enough, there is additional side locker at the driver’s fingertips which stores three more rods. This multiple rod storage capability gives fishers enough space for the different equipment they will need in a successful expedition.

Furthermore, all the new Pro Guides have all critical system controls, gauging and angling accessories, and a Pro Command console. It also has an electronics platform where two widescreen sonar units are mounted and can be folded down into a compartment when it’s not being used. There is also an added option of vital gauges, a premium music system, and a 12-volt power receptacle for recharging and running portable devices.

Superior fishing boats are hard to find, and Lund’s Pro Guides take the cake, making it serious anglers’ go-to boat for quite some time now.

While the brand new models will surely leave fishing lovers weak in the knees, older ones also have those distinct features that have made Lund a premier name in the industry. Anglers looking for an upgrade but are on a tighter budget can consider pre-owned Lund boats for sale in Missouri, from trusted dealers like White’s Marine Center. Whether you buy brand new or used, there is nothing like being on the best boats to make every fishing experience memorable.

(Source: LUND BOATS: New Pro Guides, OutdoorsFIRST, December 15, 2014)


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