Guide to Pre-Owned Boat Buying From Trusted Boat Dealers in Arkansas

One of the most active sectors of sales in the boating industry is the pre-owned boats market. Pre-owned boat sales contribute a large amount to the overall sales in the boating market. This isn’t at all surprising, as an article at Land Big Fish explained carefully:

There are numerous benefits to buying a used boat. Once obvious benefit is the model has been tried and tested by people who bought them new. This is a big factor in determining which boat models are reliable. Another reason is monetary savings. Buying pre-owned can save a significant amount of money, when compared to purchasing new. This may be the reason, “60 percent of first-time boat buyers, purchase a used boat,” as reported by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association).

The vast majority of first-time buyers purchase pre-owned boats. If you are one of those hoping to get their hands on their first watercraft, you will need to consider many aspects before settling into a deal because along with numerous advantages, buying used boats comes with its own risks as well.

Before even looking for boat dealers in Arkansas or anywhere else, one needs to take into account Coast Guard regulations. Recreational boats and their owners must comply with the laws set by the U.S Coast Guard. These include equipment requirements and safety recommendations. Thus, you need to put real effort in conducting research before your purchase.

Once you’ve done your homework, you may now proceed to scouring the market for used boats for sale in Arkansas. Find a dealer with a great track record like White’s Marine Center and make an assessment of your preferred vessel’s condition. Physically, the boat must not show any kind of salt water damage. Be meticulous in your inspection. Look for discoloration, corrosion, and other signs of weakness on the rigging, the hull, and other key areas.

Special attention to the boat’s mechanical aspects is also important since marine engines are on the expensive side. A thorough examination of the engine should reveal the state of the boat. A well-maintained engine should be clean and free of signs of neglect; you definitely don’t want to have an engine problem far from dry land.

Carefully note the replacements and repairs that need to be done. Most importantly, do not forget to consult with the boat dealer for other questions and concerns.

(Source: Tips for Buying a Used Boat, Land Big Fish)


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