Boats For Sale in Kansas: How to Load a Boat onto a Trailer Properly

After years of waiting, you finally have the financial capacity to buy that boat you’ve always longed for. As a new boat owner, know that part of your responsibility is to know how to load your boat onto a trailer properly.  Although the task may seem pretty straightforward, it can be easy to make a catastrophic mistake if you don’t go about it the right way.


You didn’t spend all that time browsing through the inventory of boat dealers in Kansas and saving up for the purchase only to see your precious purchase get damaged, right? Take pains to learn how to load your boat as a way to protect your investment. These following tips on how you can properly load your boat onto your trailer, say, after a fun day of boating should be useful to you.

Positioning the boat

Back your trailer down to the water ramp. Once the trailer is in position, put the vehicle in park, then engage the parking brake. With the trailer immersed in the water, pull your boat in. Use the bow line to guide your boat onto the trailer. If your trailer is not equipped with guide-ons, you’ll have to settle the boat into position manually.

Winching it on

Secure the trailer’s winch line to the boat’s bow. Use the winch to pull the boat up the rest of the way onto the trailer. An electric winch will make this part of the job easier. If your trailer comes with a hand crank, again, you’ll have to do this job manually. When the boat is adequately loaded onto the trailer, secure the boat with the trailer’s straps and cables.

Pulling up your boat

With the boat fastened securely onto the trailer, slowly pull up the vehicle from the ramp. It will be wise to pause from time to time so you can raise the outboard or sterndrive as necessary. Drive your vehicle to the loading zone.

Draining your boat

Once at the loading zone, pull out your boat’s plug and drain any livewells. While the boat drains, check your boat for anything that may come off during travel such as a bimini top or antenna, and keep them secure.

As with owning any other mode of transportation, boat ownership comes with as much responsibilities, and learning how to load a boat onto a trailer is just one of them. To ensure you know how to properly care for your boat, keep in touch with reliable dealers of boats for sale in Kansas like Whites Marine Center. The knowledge and experience they’ve gathered through many years in the boat business can be extremely useful to new boat owners like you.

(Source: How To Load Your Boat On The Trailer, Boat U.S.)


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