Own a Boat: Useful Tips on Looking for Used Boat Dealers in Arkansas

Summer may be far from this side of the calendar, but now is the perfect time to shop for boats for your upcoming summer getaway. A boat might seem a considerable investment, but it’s one of the amazing buys that allow you to spin some memorable outdoor amusements out of your life.

Pontoon & Deck Boat

Before you go ahead and look for great deals from used boat dealers in Arkansas, however, here are some tips for you to keep in mind, as reported by Katie Burke in her article for Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine:

  • Do a cursory walk around. Check out the pontoons and lifting strakes to make sure they don’t look compromised or were in an undisclosed accident.
  • Find out how many hours are on the engine and ask the owner if he can provide receipts for any maintenance performed on the boat, including engine repairs, steering maintenance and any other work.
  • Switch on and operate all application systems including bilge pump, lights, stereo, freshwater sink, livewell and anything else that turns on and off.
  • Turn the steering wheel and operate the trim/tilt to check for full range of motion.
  • Stand on every inch of the boat floor. Is it soft anywhere? You may have to replace the floor if you find any weak areas.
  • Make sure all hardware is still firmly attached and there are no random holes that would point to something missing.

Burke also reiterates the importance of checking the engine before buying a used boat. You don’t want to smell gas so check for leaks in the fuel tank, and check the integrity of the fittings and lines. Make sure the batteries are secure in acid-proof containers; take care, too, to avoid fuel containing ethanol as, according to Burke, this contains corrosive properties that could cause a leak in the engine tank.

Buying the kind of boat you want will depend on what you’ll need the boat for. Whether you’re buying a boat for serious fishing or for recreational activities, make sure you get your money’s worth. Burke suggests that you bring along an independent marine surveyor to inspect every aspect of the boat, while also test-driving it on water. Having an expert with you who will give your choice the green signal, will make you more confident about your purchase.

If you enjoy the water, only in a boat traveling off land can you enjoy the expanse of sea and sky, and the contemplative mood that traveling on water elicits. Summer may be many months away, but reputable boat dealers, such as White’s Marine Center, are open and offering favorable deals on pre-owned boats for sale in Arkansas, to get you started and planning for your next exciting summer getaway.

(Source: When buying used, Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine, May 06,2014)


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