Easy Tips for Buying from Boat Dealers in Oklahoma for Winter Fishing

Even though Oklahoma’s best fishing spots are currently gripped by cold, wintry temperatures, the state still encourages avid fishermen to bring out their fishing tackle. According to the North Texas e-News, this is because the state’s Wildlife Department has just designated six more trout fishing spots, which were replenished by a stocking season that began in November 1. Among these spots are Lake Watonga, Lake Perry Park, and Lake Carl Etling, which have facilitates to accommodate those who’ll bring their fishing boats with them.

Trout Fishing Action

In addition, most of these spots will be open for fishing at least until March 2015, which is more than enough time for fishermen of all stripes to get into the action. It should also be more than enough time for other people to join the country’s 44 million freshwater anglers and buy their own fishing vessels from renowned boat dealers in Oklahoma.

Most people’s reasons for buying a new boat are the same as those who buy a brand-new car: fresh warranties, the latest designs and features, and not to mention that ‘brand-new’ smell. That said, new boats are usually more expensive and they tend to depreciate in value pretty fast, similar to new cars. Thus, first-time boat owners may be better off with used boats: they’re more affordable, readily available, and can even look good as new if they were properly maintained by their previous owners. For best results, however, most boating experts encourage buyers to stick to fishing boats that are less than three years old. It would also be ideal to transact with dealers who also provide top-notch boat maintenance and repair services, like White’s Marine Center.

Buyers are also advised to carefully examine the specifications of their prospective boats and compare them with their fishing needs. For instance, the weight of the boat is a very important factor because while heavier boats are stronger and more stable fishing platforms, they also use bigger engines that consume more fuel. In fact, heavy boats may not even be necessary in many of Oklahoma’s small, calm fishing areas, specifically those for trout fishing. Then again, only experienced fishermen know if they’ll still need such large vessels or not, given these wintry fishing conditions.

Suffice to say, winter shouldn’t stop people from heading out for Oklahoma’s lakes and rivers to fish. On the other hand, those looking for boats for sale in Oklahoma in order to join the fray should be very careful with their pickings.

(Source: As weather cools, trout fishing action in Oklahoma heats up, North Texas e-News, November 10, 2014)


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