You can Never Go Wrong with Recreational Boats for Sale in Kansas

It’s a fact that boating is one of America’s favorite outdoor pastimes, but knowing exactly how popular it is remains somewhat elusive. One could make an educated guess by reviewing the latest Companies and Markets report about the U.S. recreational boat industry, which is expected to grow by 4.9 percent from 2014 to 2019. The report also says that Florida, Michigan, Texas, New York, and Minnesota led the country’s domestic boat sales in 2013, but it doesn’t mean other states like Kansas haven’t jumped in as well:

North American Recreational Boat Industry

However, in terms of the amount of the population who participated in recreational boating in 2013, it has been suggested that as much as 36.6% of the population – roughly equal to 88.5Mn – enjoyed the increasingly popular past-time. With fishing, tubing and water skiing amongst the top activities enjoyed by those participating in boating for enjoyment, it seems as thought (sic) the American culture of enjoying what the outdoors has to offer and escaping city life is permeating across a large section of the population. The activities available to pursue on a boat have the advantage of appealing to a variety of tastes.

For many Kansans, boating is a wonderful opportunity to get away from the humdrum day-to-day, to exercise, to have some outdoor fun, or to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Considering that different people have different reasons to head out for the country’s various rivers and lakes, it only makes sense for companies like White’s Marine Chapter to offer different types of boats for sale in Kansas, Oklahoma, and other states. As such, it’s very important for first-time boat buyers to know exactly what kind of vessel are they looking for.

As described by the Companies and Markets report, fishing boats are one of the most common recreational boats sold in the U.S. While their purpose is self-explanatory, fishing boats are actually a sub-category of their own, comprised of a variety vessels like bass boats (which are high speed, shallow draft fishing platforms), flat boats (which are smaller and faster), and deep sea fishing boats (which are much larger and tougher).These boats are also designed more to accommodate fishing equipment than people, which explains their lack of space and creature comforts.

Pontoon boats, on the other hand, are at the opposite end of the spectrum and they come with all kinds of luxuries like couches, carpeted decks, and entertainment systems. They also have incredibly powerful engines that allow the boats to travel up to 30 miles per hour, whilst hauling 10 to 20 persons (plus the amenities). It’s easy to see why they’re popular among Kansas boat dealers and other such companies in the U.S.

(Source: North American recreational boat industry sails towards bright future, Companies and Markets, November 14, 2014)


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