Boat Dealers in Missouri: Teaching Kids How to Fish, Step-by-Step

Patience is very important when teaching your kids how to fish. You can’t overwhelm them with information or take them sailing to far-flung locations right away, and you can’t expect them to cast and fish like a pro outright, either. The learning process has to be gradual so that they can warm up to it, and you can earn lifelong fishing buddies.


Here’s a simple step-by-step guide when introducing your kids to fishing and allowing them to fall in love with the recreational activity:

Step 1: Take Baby Steps.

Start small. Take them to a nearby fishing park or lake, and teach them the basics of fishing (no boating yet). For instance, you can take advantage of trout season starting November 1. Southeast Missourian features the annual winter fishery in Jackson’s Rotary Lake:

Rainbow trout are purchased by the City of Jackson and MDC and stocked in Rotary Lake each fall. Anglers are then able to fish for this popular cold-water fish through the fall and winter months on a catch-and-release basis. This is a great opportunity to teach little ones to fish, since the park is local and there should be solid opportunity to catch some trout after the lake is stocked.

Instill in them the basic techniques in fishing and the importance of catch-and-release to conservation. Since there would be plenty of trout, it would be more likely that they catch some, but don’t fail to encourage them even if they don’t catch anything. Make it a fun outing, and let them appreciate the outdoors and outdoor activities in general.

Step 2: Demonstrate Safe Sailing.

Once you think they’re ready or eager for longer fishing trips, take them sailing to other fishing streams or lakes in the state that allow boating. If your old boat is too small or battered already (or if you don’t have one yet), you can buy quality boats for sale in Missouri to assure your comfort and safety. Show them how to sail properly and spot fishing sites, and hone their angling skills further.

Step 3: Let Them Test the Waters.

Eventually, train them how to efficiently operate a boat. You can even let them plan and take charge of your trips when they can handle it already. As a graduation gift, take them with you to reliable boat dealers in Missouri like White’s Marine Center for their very own first boat.

(Source: Trout season begins Nov. 1, Southeast Missourian, October 22, 2014)


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