Boat Dealers in Arkansas: Don’t Skimp on Maintenance and Sailing Prep

Buying and using a pre-owned boat entails serious considerations and responsibilities. If you’re acquiring used boats for sale in Arkansas, for instance, you have to find one in good condition, or if it’s a fixer-upper, invest on its repairs and maintenance. Additionally, you have to make sure that it’s in tiptop shape and fully prepared prior to all your travels.

As Glenn McCarthy would tell you, you certainly can’t cut back on assuring the seaworthiness of your boat, nor on your sailing strategies when it comes to a race. In his blog for ChicagoNow, the lifelong sailor shares a story that imparts a crucial lesson for all sailors: a fixer-upper boat plus the lack of planning for your trip can be disastrous.


McCarthy and some of his family members took a boat they worked on for eight weeks to a local race. After all the hard work, they missed some key race preparations, and the results were far from stellar.

Because we were still drilling holes and mounting things the morning of the race, we just weren’t quite as ready as possible. While the boat was 99% ready, and the crew was 100% physically ready, we did not have the time to scour over the various weather websites to study what might occur during the race. As a result, we didn’t have a race strategy leaving Chicago. So I’d put our effort at about 5% mentally ready.

We ended up 20th out of 24 boats. A race strategy before the start is critical and we paid for not having one.

Buying and working on a project boat

Of course, you shouldn’t be discouraged in buying a used boat, especially if you want an affordable investment. However, you have to shop wisely for a shipshape pre-owned boat. Rely on trusted boat dealers in Arkansas like White’s Marine Center that would offer thorough marine surveys and even some form of insurance. If you purchase a fixer-upper and you’re not trained to maintain boats, get the job done professionally.

Preparing to set sail

Prior to any trip, inspect your boat and ensure that it’s 100% seaworthy. Determine the time you’ll spend sailing, check the expected weather conditions, map your route, and complete your supplies. Have emergency contacts ready, make sure you’re physically and mentally fit, and above all, sail like a pro for safe, enjoyable journeys.

(Source: Rehabbing a Used Boat – Epilogue, ChicagoNow, August 26, 2014)


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