Factors to Consider in Purchasing Pre-owned Boats for Sale in Texas

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to buy your first leisure boat, but the decision-making doesn’t stop there. There’s still the question of what kind of boat you need among the pre-owned boats for sale in Texas. David Pascoe, a veteran in the maritime field, explains the basics of buying a used boat for the first time in Dockside Reports:

In part II, we made the recommendation that an used boat offers excellent value and good prospects for reliability. But how old of a boat? And how do you go about completing a deal?

Our experience indicates that boats in the 2-4 year old range usually offer the best prospects. Of course, boats that are only one year old are hard to find since not many people sell at that age.

No one-year-old boats?
These are difficult to find because not many owners would sell a boat after only a year unless they were in financial distress, or quality-wise, the boat is not what it promised to be. If you do come across one, be on the lookout for reasons why it’s being replaced after such a short period.

Best prices
Whether you’re buying directly from the seller, or through a dealer like White’s Marine Center, compare the prices of two- to four-year-old models with brand new ones. The price difference should be considerable since prices for boats in this age range usually drop dramatically.


Dealers’ value add-ons
Although dealer prices are slightly higher than those of direct sellers, dealers are usually at the customers’ disposal when the sale is in progress. They take care of everything, from the maintenance to the paperwork so you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Multiple titles or no title
A boat without a title is a red flag. You should never even consider a title-less boat, no matter how great the price is. Go ahead and move on to other boats for sale in Texas. In most states, titles can be verified over the phone. If you see a title with multiple owners listed, it could be part of a family dispute which you shouldn’t get involved in. Make sure you verify.

Purchase agreement
Lastly, draw up a purchase agreement that states all the conditions you’ve agreed on with the seller, including the price, the prerequisites of the sale, the closing date, and whether or not the seller will fix anything that goes wrong after the deal is done. This would be for your mutual protection and guarantees a clean sale.

(Source: “Your First Boat – Part III”, Dockside Reports)


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