Boat dealers in Nebraska: Preventive Tips for Usual Boating Accidents

After they close a sale, professional boat dealers in Nebraska provide tips for preventing accidents at sea—and rightly so. Statistics show that major boating accidents more often than not stem from minor events or occurrences. Boating Magazine describes some of these accidents below, which could be prevented if boaters pay more attention to certain details before getting underway:

Running out of fuel
If this can happen on land, it most certainly can happen at sea. This happens because boaters miscalculate the amount of fuel needed for the return journey, or boaters get lost at sea and end up depleting their fuel supply. Fortunately, there are emergency rescue services that can tow you back to port for a fee, just like AAA. Learn how to accurately compute the amount of fuel needed for every journey and invest in reliable navigational tools.


Catching fire
Regrettably, the fire department can’t help you when you’re out at sea. The mechanical systems in most boats today are spark-protected, but fires still occur due to some other reason. Aside from the usual fire extinguishers, make sure you inspect the engine room for any indications of fuel or oil leaks before starting the engine.

Getting lost in a storm
Optimism is a good thing except when the weather reports predict hellish conditions. The last thing you want is to be isolated in stormy weather where almost anything from falling overboard to running aground could happen. Trust in your instruments and weather forecasts, and don’t take them for granted.

No safety gear
Make sure your boat is stocked with lifejackets and emergency equipment like flares, flashlights, tools, spare parts, drinking water, rations, and a first-aid kit. In a worst-case scenario, it’s better to have them and not need them than vice-versa.

Breaking down
Mechanical failure is often due to a dead or dying battery. Batteries should be inspected regularly and distilled water levels should be maintained. Boat dealers that also offer repair and maintenance services, such as White’s Marine Center, can be consulted for a pre-departure check-up to be on the safe side. If your boat stalls more than it should, however, perhaps it’s time to start looking closely at other boats for sale in Nebraska.

(Source: “11 Tips For Avoiding Boat Accidents”, 20 February 2014, Boating Magazine)


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