Bennington Pontoon Boats Let You Party Safely and Stylishly On Water

In the world of leisure boating, a boat is not just a boat. What you prefer to do for fun on your boat would determine the kind of watercraft you should invest in. Folks who like leisurely rides around calm waters, with a good number of friends, should consider Bennington pontoon boats which are appropriate for their kind of activity. Jim Harmer writes, in an article for Pontoon Guide, why he and his family are addicted to quality time spent in their pontoon boat:

On a pontoon, there is room for them (kids) to run, jump off the couches (we don’t allow shoes in our boat so the kids are free to climb), play with play dough on the table, wave the down-skier flag, fish, ride the tube, etc.

For skiing, a pontoon boat fits as many people as you want to invite. For fishing, a pontoon boat is stable so it doesn’t spook fish, has ample room to walk all around the boat to fish in different locations…

Room to move
Pontoon boats are perfect for families or groups who want to enjoy the outdoors in a spacious and well-appointed setting. The bigger pontoon boats can seat up to 11 people comfortably, with enough storage space for small luggage and food supplies, unlike traditional boats that have passengers and crew packed like sardines.

Easy to maintain and operate
Pontoon boats are constructed out of aluminum which can be dented, but not lacerated. This is way easier to fix than traditional fiberglass hulls which require gel-coat repair. Maneuvering a pontoon boat is like driving a family camper. Its stability minimizes the rocking motion that causes seasickness, and eliminates the possibility of capsizing at higher speeds.


Lastly, pontoon boats can be loaded onto a trailer and driven away after a day in the water. Traditional boats have to be wiped down because water stains on the gel coat finish are difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Since the pontoon hulls last for years, replacing or upgrading the furniture and accessories is a cheaper alternative to buying a brand-new boat. Businesses like White’s Marine Center not only helps maintain the boat for you, but also supplies parts to upgrade the boat when you feel the need to enhance your craft’s amenities.

Due to its width and heft, your Bennington pontoon boat shouldn’t be taken out to the open sea where strong waves could capsize them. Nonetheless, the US Coast Guard has rated pontoon boats as safe in both calm and moderately choppy waters.

(Source: “7 Major Advantages of a Pontoon Boat”, 12 September 2014, Pontoon Guide)


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