Tapping Major Boat Dealers in Oklahoma for your Wakeboard Platform

The water can practically call out to you to challenge yourself at high speeds, with one such avenue being wakeboarding – but who’s to say you can’t do that before yearend? Marty Head writes, in his article for the recreational site Wake World:

…most of you will be headed to your local pro shop, boat dealer or boat show to see all the new wakeboarding goodies that you’ve been reading about during the off-season. Some of you are simply window shopping and some have been saving those spare dollars to pick up a few new wakeboarding accessories. However, many of you are looking to study, configure, compare and decode the best deal possible on a brand new boat.

Boat buying shouldn’t be a hassle. It shouldn’t even be a headache. It should be fun and exciting! … As long as you have the right attitude, tools and mindset, you can walk into the boat show or your local dealership, be treated like royalty and walk out with a great deal and a feeling of confidence.

Oklahoma is already a fun center for wakeboarding in the central Midwest. There are at least 20 lakes where you can practice your skills and the Sooner State’s top schools maintain their own wakeboarding squads. If you and your friends are looking for some serious action over the wakes, a quality platform may be waiting for you at leading boat dealers in Oklahoma, such as the White’s Marine Center.

Finding a dream wakeboarding unit requires checking out which boat classes generate sufficient wakes for you to move around on. Head rules out making a play for jet boats as the wake made by their propulsion is too soft for even training on a wakeboard.


The inboard/outboard boats, also known as runabouts, are good for novice-level ‘boarders’ because their deep V-hull design creates a “decent-sized” wake that’s known to be softer. It could be hard to maneuver due to the bow rising from the weight you added to create a bigger wake. Head says you can’t even use the boat for wake-surfing because the outboard motor’s screw is a safety hazard.

Some listings of boats for sale in Oklahoma include pontoon boats, which some water sports enthusiasts once dismissed as inappropriate for wakeboarding. You need to check, though, if your water location does not have any speed restrictions and the pontoon boat has a powerful engine. Consult your seller for wakeboard towers with good tow point height.
Wakeboarding is one of the things you can do when you’re out on the water with a good boat. Quality boat dealers can supply the right boat to launch your favorite hobby.

(Source: How to Buy a Wakeboard Boat, Wake World)


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