Score Fine Boats for Sale in Kansas This Season, While Demand is Hot

There’s actually no “ideal” time for buying a new or pre-owned boat, as you can always go out boating or fishing as long as the weather permits. Just as summer was about to give way to fall, however, looked like many people have cemented plans to purchase a boat. An October 16, 2014 report by Jack Atzinger, for Trade Only Today, reveals:

Just as the sun was setting on the summer of 2014, the industry had one of its best performances of the year in September, posting sales gains of nearly 10 percent in the main powerboat segments and across the industry.

Led by stalwart post-recession categories such as aluminum fishing boats and pontoons and fiberglass outboards, sales climbed 9.8 percent, or 469 boats, to 5,258 in the main segments and by an identical percentage, or 742 boats, to 8,322 industrywide from the same month last year in 25 early reporting states that represent 62 percent of the national market, Statistical Surveys reported today.

The figures compared with an even more robust September last year, when sales in the main segments were up 18.3 percent and industrywide sales climbed 19.9 percent.

Passion for boating can be contagious, especially for water sports enthusiasts in the state of Kansas. Consider the opportunities offered by the stretch of Kansas River, from KC to past Manhattan, or heading off the slipway near Milford or Tuttle Creek Lake, and you may have a fun time ahead with family and friends. Such opportunities present an opening for dealers like the White’s Marine Center to offer high-quality boats for sale in Kansas.

A look at the sales figures of Statistical Surveys can give you clues on which boat classes are enjoying a strong following, and you can see whether or not your preferences fit. The September data indicates that 2,180 units of fiberglass outboard boats were sold, a 13.8% hike year-on-year from the 2013; 1,375 units of aluminum fishing boats, an 8% increase YoY; and 1,150 units of pontoon boats, a 13.7% climb.


It’s interesting to know the market conditions that influenced the recent sales results. An official of the Statistical Surveys claims people were eager to invest in a boat after the polar vortex dampened their spirits in winter. The considerable number of pontoon boats sold was also remarkable, given that its market has slowed down as the economy was recovering, he added.

If you’re a boating enthusiast, there couldn’t be a better time than now to find the boat of your dreams. Growing demand for this watercraft gives veteran boat dealers in Kansas a chance to sweeten the deal for you, such as throwing in full tech support, storage options, and flexible payment terms.

(Source: Boat sales show big gains in September, Trade Only®, 16 October 2014)


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