After Buying Used Boats for Sale in Missouri, Don’t Forget Maintenance

Fall may be football season for some, but it could also be fishing season for anglers or aspiring fishers. During this short-lived time of year, the cool water temperatures (especially at night) encourage fish to swim at shallower spots and aggressively find food. Anglers enjoy the bass and trout varieties most, together with other fall fishing favorites.

As Captain Dave Monti suggests in an article for Warwick Online, fall is also an ideal time to purchase new or used boats before the depressed-weather days of winter take their course. The fishing and shell fishing expert offers practical tips on buying a boat:

First, determine what you want to use a boat for … water skiing, sailing, fishing, family outings, swimming, weekend cursing or a combination. The use of the vessel will dictate the type of boat you buy. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has a great online tool at to help identity needs and suitable boat types. It is helpful to determine boat type early in your search because it points you in the right direction … which boats to see at the boat show, do Internet research on, or which boat dealers to visit.

Most importantly, before you purchase, take your desired boat for a test run… Operate the boat in the mode you are likely to use often, i.e. fast speeds if you plan to ski, slow speeds if you fish and often troll.

Now is the time to buy a new or  used boat

After buying used boats for sale in Missouri, be sure to take care of your investment through proper maintenance practices and specific protective measures. Safeguard your boat against fast wear and tear and costly repairs, so you can enjoy fall fishing and angling during other seasons for years to come.

Clean and store your boat properly after every use, especially after saltwater fishing. Wash the exterior with fresh water, scrub the deck with marine soap, and thoroughly dry the surfaces. Keep the marine vehicle in a boat trailer or other storage options, like boat rack facilities or marinas.

Check all the parts for seaworthiness before every trip, and promptly attend to necessary fine-tuning or repairs. By offering an extended warranty on used boats, reputable boat dealers in Missouri like White’s Marine Center help you stay on the safe side. Together with a marine survey during your purchase, the coverage limits your out-of-pocket expenses and promotes your well-being while sailing.

(Source: Now is the time to buy a new or used boat, Warwick Online, September 11, 2014)


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