Using Boats for Sale in Arkansas for a Priceless Sailing Experience

Owning a boat allows families to be physically active and to immerse themselves in the outdoors. Roughing it up and communing with nature can help them stay healthy together and better appreciate each other’s company. However, most American families settle for sedentary activities, which puts them at risk for diseases and gives way less value anyway.

Those are the exact sentiments of sailor Glenn McCarthy, who laments the fact that families are passing up opportunities to explore the outdoors in favor of mindlessly flipping through hundreds of television channels or surfing the Internet. In his blog Live Your Dream: Sail Lake Michigan for ChicagoNow, McCarthy urges families to improve their social lives and their health by breaking a sweat outside their home:

Every outdoor activity is calling for you and your family, turn off the electrons, and turn on your minds. Go camping, hiking, running, biking, golfing, swimming, and more importantly sailing (my personal bias). Become the solution to national healthcare, lower your blood pressure, lower your weight, increase your tolerance to disease. By getting outside, you won’t even consider it a “weight loss program” but by just being active all day long, weight loss will occur naturally.

The Challenge- Sailing vs the Internet and 300 tv channels

Promoting the activity he’s passionate in, McCarthy stressed that sailing allows you to “do a lot of bending and flexing, pulling and tugging, balancing, climbing, hauling and with the right effort there is little time to just sit. You get the sun, rain, the wind, the temperature fluctuations, night, steering, trimming, ongoing maintenance, cleaning, swimming, fishing, and real social media – talking with your loved ones or friends you took sailing for the day.”

Using boats for sale in Arkansas, you and your family can embark on journeys and share precious outdoor experiences like camping, fishing, or simply sailing. Some sailors even argue that these smaller, simpler boats (instead of fully-finished yachts) are better because of all the skills that you and your kids can develop. If you want to have a different kind of thrill, find boats that can be used for water sports like wake boarding.

Local boat dealers in Arkansas like White’s Marine Center can help your family pick out the boat that fits your recreational preferences and budget. Select among the affordable, high-quality choices, so you can unplug from an Internet-powered environment and get in touch with the exciting natural offerings of the world.

(Source: The Challenge: Sailing vs. The Internet & 300 TV Channels, ChicagoNow, September 15, 2014)


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