Pontoon Boats for Sale in Kansas: Double the Fun, Double Excitement

Pontoons are often identified with a certain type of bridge or a floatplane, but they can provide their own level of fun as part of a specific watercraft class. A blog post by the organizers of next year’s 60th Houston, Boat, Sport, and Travel Show states as much:

In recent years, pontoon boats have begun to close the gap for those looking for a new boat to take out on the water. Even for those “fast” boat lovers, the shift to a more performance oriented pontoon model is taking place. Why? Pontoon boats provide the ability to take a nice slow relaxing ride with friends and family, you can pretty much shore it anywhere and the ease of getting on and off the boat is an added attraction.

Tips For Buying A Pntoon Boat

Kansas may be deep in the nation’s interior, but it still has its own share of waterways to sail around in. They include the Missouri, Arkansas, and Junction Rivers, plus the State Fishing Lakes at Brown, Neosho, Osage, and Shawnee – all of which still have their fun surprises for intrepid water buffs. If you’re in the market for pontoon boats but don’t know where to start, a company that stocks new boats for sale in Kansas like White’s Marine Center is ready to help you out.

There’s a lot of pondering to do before you even sift through the preferred dealer’s list for your dream pontoon boat – with total passenger capacity relative to length being a high concern. For instance, if you intend to bring up to over six people, a pontoon boat between 18 feet to 20ft suffices. Cruises with parties of at least ten people require a pontoon boat at least 24 ft long.

Pontoon boats come in three configurations. The U-shaped foam-filled log pontoon is the basic design and offers cost savings. Single-chambered baffled-round pontoons have a symmetrical design; the blog post states that pontoons of larger diameters are highly capable of handling increased weight. The round pontoon offers the most advantages in flotation and weight distribution; each pontoon has at least three airtight chambers.

The beauty of a pontoon boat is that it’s a stable platform with extra attachments, such as a pair of fishing seats at the front or a swimming ladder aft. Long cruises may require features like porta-potties and seats that turn into beds. However, your preferred rig must have a motor that churns out at least 90 horsepower to handle the additional weight.

A pontoon boat is always a win-win when you want peace and quiet with your loved ones. Why not let expert Kansas boat dealers like White’s Marine Center guide you?

(Source: Tips for Buying a Pontoon Boat, Houston Boat Shows, April 15, 2014)


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