Second-Hand Boats for Sale in Texas Ideal for Memorable Fishing Trips

Traditionally seen as a serene activity among fathers and sons, fishing has further evolved into a thriving, competitive activity that many Americans enjoy. Sometimes, it takes enthusiasts several hours to get a catch, while others with better luck get a bite the moment they cast their hooks and bait in. The Associated Press recently reported on how one Texas fisherman’s trip has turned into a memorable life event:

A Texas fisherman has landed an 809-pound tiger shark in the Gulf of Mexico after reeling it in for more than seven hours.

Ryan Spring of San Antonio says he caught the shark on Sunday about 5 miles off Port Aransas. He says the 12-foot, 7-inch shark was about as big as his boat and that it pulled the vessel south for more than 15 miles.

It took about a dozen men to haul the male shark onto the dock. Spring plans to donate meat from the shark to charity.

The catch falls short of the tiger shark state record, which according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is 1,129 pounds.

Not many people can say that they’ve gone on a fishing trip one morning and ended up reeling in an 809-pound tiger shark–or even a rather big bass or salmon, for that matter. Rare events like these are a testament to how a simple activity such as fishing can end up in a moment of jubilation and extreme happiness for many participants. While it’s hard to predict whether one will get to reel in good fish on a particular trip, purchasing one of the many second-hand boats for sale in Texas as a reliable ride should help fishing enthusiasts in their journey to search for a memorable catch of their own.

texas fisherman catches 809-pound tiger shark in gulf mexico

Trustworthy companies such as White’s Marine Center offer quality pre-owned boats for sale in Texas that are ideal for special as well as routine fishing trips. These sellers make sure that all the boats they offer can provide performance at par with, or even exceeding, boat riders’ expectations. They even thoroughly inspect their boats to ensure that these are in top shape to help Texas fishers in their quest to find the biggest catch of their lives.

Fishing is a uniquely enjoyable activity that many Texans and other boating enthusiasts enjoy. Having a quality second-hand boat should make the experience even more exciting as having a reliable water vessel prepares fishing aficionados to reel in a large and bountiful catch.

(Source: Texas fisherman catches 809-pound tiger shark in Gulf of Mexico, Associated Press, August 5, 2014)


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