Talk to Trusted Boat Dealers in Nebraska about Exploring State Waters

The state of Nebraska recently saw some positive exposure through an almost universally acclaimed 2013 American movie bearing the state’s name, which was also filmed within the state. While having a Hollywood production shoot a movie in one’s backyard can be a great way to promote more traffic from tourists, a forward-thinking tourism board and an informative promotions website can drive campaigns even better, as an Associated Press report noted:

Creators of a new website hope to guide people in discovering ecotourism opportunities in Nebraska.

The site is and is a window to the Visit the Prairie coalition of the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska, Switzer Ranch and Nature Reserve and the Grand Island Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Nebraska has a variety of these ecotourism opportunities, including river tubing and forest hiking, bird watching and horseback riding.

The new ecotourism website seeks to promote the state’s natural wonders as well as the fun outdoor activities that Nebraskans and their guests can engage in. Though more known for being part of the Great Plains, as well as for being the home state of billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett, Nebraska is also host to sections of great bodies of water such as the Missouri River. Cruising over these waterways is a good way to explore the ecological wonders of the region using quality boats for sale in Nebraska.

ecotourism in nebraska on the rise thanks to new website

Those who wish to explore state waters are encouraged to approach trusted boat dealers in Nebraska such as White’s Marine Center, as these companies can help in choosing vessels that are best suited for sailing calm or fast currents. These dealers carry a variety of second-hand boats that offer both affordability and reliability, which can lead to a better boating experience for Nebraskans and tourists alike. Moreover, getting a second-hand boat fits the state’s ecotourism campaign as no new resources are utilized to make these boats accessible for public use.

While the chances of spotting Warren Buffett outside an Omaha ice cream parlor are slim, Nebraskans and their guests can just travel over the state’s bodies of water to better enjoy their stay.

(Source: Ecotourism In Nebraska On The Rise Thanks To New Website, Associated Press, April 14, 2014)


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