Voyage Vermont’s Pristine Waterways Using Bennington Pontoon Boats

Known as the prime source of real maple syrup, along with being the Von Trapp family’s settlement, Vermont can be considered as one of the loveliest places in the United States to visit, to take a vacation, and to just relax. While most tourists prefer to trek the state’s mountains, cruising Vermont’s lakes and ponds has the potential of being the next big thing as a law protecting shorelines recently came into effect, as reported by John Herrick for the VT Digger:

The Shorelands Protection Act applies to all properties along lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in size within 250 feet of the average waterline.

The law, passed by the Legislature last session, is intended to preserve the state’s water quality and prevent harm to shoreline aquatic habitats caused by lakeside development. The law will apply to 435 lakes and ponds, according to state officials.

A permit is required for certain activities within a protected area of the shoreline, such as expanding existing buildings, driveways, lawns, and the overall impervious footprint of shoreline properties.

With the Shorelands Protection Act now in place, residents of the Green Mountain State can be assured that precious bodies of water and their cargo of marine life are better protected for their benefit as well as for that of future generations. The new law also gives local tourists and residents the chance to better appreciate nature’s beauty by engaging in voyages of Vermont’s pristine waterways using Bennington pontoon boats. Not only will people see the extraordinary beauty of the state, they’ll also have a good time spending the ride with family and friends.

lakeshore development law takes effect tuesday

Trustworthy companies that sell secondhand boats can offer these individuals and families a quality Bennington pontoon boat that they can use for all their desired water-related activities. People can take their boats for a spin in the marina, a cruise on an inland lake, a fishing trip, and even an in-vessel picnic during a trip. Boating in waterways offers an incomparable experience as it can give people the peace, serenity, and relaxation that they need.

With legislation finally paving the way for better protection of inland bodies of water, tourists are encouraged to take the opportunity of exploring the natural richness and majesty of America’s waterways.

(Source: Lakeshore Development Law Takes Effect Tuesday, VT Digger, June 30, 2014)


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