Buy Boats for Sale in Iowa and Take Advantage of Strong Fishing Season

Iowans are big fans of fishing, and it’s not hard to understand why. If you have five major rivers and a whopping 65 lakes to choose from, why wouldn’t you grab a fishing rod and cast a line? It’s a good thing, too, that 2014 is shaping up to be a particularly bountiful fishing season. As Sheila Brummer reported for News 4 KTIV:

A really good year. That’s how officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources sum up this spring’s gillnetting operations.

The Iowa DNR is getting ready for fishing season by tagging fish at nearby lakes.

Joe Larscheid, the DNR’s Chief of Fisheries, says they spawned 1,020 quarts of walleye eggs at the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery, well above what’s normally collected.

He attributes the success to this year’s late ice out.

“What that does is it allows the photo period to match well with water temperatures. So, when the ice went out the second week in April, that’s about perfect. There’s a lot of fish, a lot of walleyes and muskies ready to spawn. They were close to shore and we caught a lot fish quickly in our nets”, said Larsheid.

Again, there are many places you can cast your line—and your luck—at. For instance, West Okoboji Lake is known to local anglers as a great spot for catching trout. Brushy Creek, on the other hand, is a popular location for bass fishing, where you have a big chance of reeling in 15-inch keeper bass.

drn predicts strong fishing season for the iowa great lakes

The lakes, streams, and rivers of the Hawkeye State are also home to a plentiful variety of fish. For example, 10 of the 39 North American catfish species can be found in Iowa’s lakes and rivers. Three members of the pike family also swim in the state’s waters: muskellunge, northern pike, and tiger muskies.

To boost your chances of catching these fish and to make the most out of this year’s strong season, consider buying boats for sale in Iowa. That way, you can fish for as long as you want, allowing you haul in as big a catch as possible.

If you plan to buy your own boat, be sure to contact trusted Iowa boat dealers, or those in surrounding states, such as White’s Marine Center in Missouri. These retailers have a wide selection of both new and used boats so you can find the perfect vessel for your fishing trips.

(Source: DNR predicts strong fishing season for the Iowa Great Lakes, News 4 KTIV, April 25, 2014)


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