Bennington Pontoon Boats Provide Endless Hours of Pleasure Boating

Casting off for a day of fishing, partying, or just plain cruising around in your own boat is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer. In the calm lakes of Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and the surrounding regions, pontoon boats provide a great balance of performance, space, and carrying capacity.

boating in paradise

Pontoon boats rely on a set of buoyant components to float. The pontoons are often arranged in a catamaran or a trimaran configuration under the vessel. These support a flat platform, which creates a stable raft upon which other structures are built on.

The advantage of using pontoons is that the craft achieves relatively low drag for the amount of displacement it provides. Unlike other displacement boats, pontoon boats aren’t usually ballasted; instead, the pontoons typically contain nothing but air, allowing the vessel to sit higher in the water and produce less drag.

The lack of ballasting also allows this type of vehicle to carry a lot more weight. In fact, most pontoon boats can carry 10 or more passengers and provisions without much of a fuss. Additionally, because of their non-standard displacement and weight distribution, pontoon boat drafts are shallower than those of most other watercraft, making them ideal for shallow-water use.

However, as a result of their shallow draft and lack of ballasting, pontoon boats risk capsizing when a significant amount of force is applied to their sides. As a result, most pontoon boats aren’t quite as nimble as their ballasted counterparts and are typically not equipped with larger engines that could cause them to lift out of the water.

Regardless, pontoon boats provide plenty of pleasure boating fun. They offer much more usable space, with seating, storage, and other features built right up to the edge of the raft, making them the hands-down party boat of choice for their size.

If you feel that a pontoon boat fits your needs, be sure to put Bennington Marine’s lineup on your list of brands to check out. Well-built Bennington pontoon boats have a reputation for providing some of the best boating experiences in the market. This is largely due to the cutting-edge technologies the company employs during the manufacturing process, and their flair for developing designs that offer many advantages over other similar products.

Dealers like White’s Marine Center usually have various Bennington pontoon boats for sale in their inventories. Lengths range from 18-foot pleasure craft that can ferry a maximum of seven people to well-provisioned 28-footers with space to comfortably sit 16.

(Source: Boating in Paradise: Ready to buy a boat?, News Press, July 17, 2014)


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