Boat Dealers in Oklahoma: Cast Off, There’s Plenty of Fishing Waiting

It’s summer and the drought down in Texas continues to ravage the Lone Star State, but Oklahomans can at least be happy that, despite the heat, lakes in the state remain in great shape. Naturally, no one is probably happier with these conditions than local boat dealers in Oklahoma who are looking to sell off more of their inventory as people head back onto the water for some good, old summer fun.

oklahoma state fishing report

For most Oklahomans that fun will likely include some fishing—after all, our waters are known for the great fishing they provide. In line with that fact, the Sand Spring Leader recently published the Oklahoma State Fishing Report, which provided details on fishing conditions across the state.

The report clearly shows that the large majority of the lakes in the northeast remain either at normal elevations or higher. In most places, fish are biting fair to good and will provide eager anglers with enjoyment on a decent number of bites. Just don’t head down south toward Texas, where the drought continues to keep water levels below normal. Perhaps as a result of this, fishing remains slow to fair in Ellsworth, Lawtonka, Tom Steed, and Waurika.

On the other hand, Lake Texoma continues to lie relatively dry—about five and a half feet below a full pool—but levels seem to be improving gradually. The higher lake levels have made the reservoir fit for boating again, and several boaters took the opportunity to get underway just before the Fourth of July festivities rolled in.

Fishing on the lake was reportedly good, too. Both large and smallmouth bass were generous with bites when casting around the brush structures and creek channels. White and striped bass were hungry for shad in the main lake and river channel, while catfish wanted worms and other live bait on their hooks before latching on.

If you’re not on the water right now, you’re really missing out on all the fun. If you don’t have a boat yet, now is a good a time as any to check out boats for sale in Oklahoma from companies like White’s Marine Center. With the ease in demand, it may be possible to negotiate a win-win price that benefits both you and the dealer.

(Source: Oklahoma State Fishing Report, Sand Springs Leader, June 7, 2014)


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