Riding the Waves: Capitalizing on High Quality Boats for Sale in Iowa

As the United States continue to bounce back from a sluggish economy, certain industries are starting to see and experience bright days again. One of these is the boating sector. The growth in this industry covers the sales and rentals of boats and boating accessories. A report from LakeExpo.com gives solid numbers that point to a robust outlook which could last until the end of 2014 and beyond:

“In a Boating Industry survey conducted in November 2013, 63 percent of responding readers, which range from manufacturers to distributors to dealers, said their revenue increased in 2013 – 38 percent by more than 10 percent. Only 16 percent reported a decrease from the previous year. Those numbers were steady across all types of marine businesses. Pontoons showed some of the greatest growth; outboard sales were up for the third year in a row, with an 8.8 increase from 2012; and inboards sales experienced 12.7 percent increase.

The survey also showed that manufacturers are optimistic about that trend continuing. Some 82 percent said they expected to increase their revenue in 2014 and 14 percent of manufacturers said they expect revenue to increase by more than 25 percent.”

In areas like Iowa where a lot of boating aficionados reside or troop to, boating companies and manufacturers are expected to double their efforts to attract more investors and customers. Though finding boats for sale in Iowa may not be hard, it is crucial for prospective buyers to select the best sources of high quality vessels. Considering that large sums are involved when purchasing a boat, it is imperative that buyers take their time before letting go of their money for a particular vehicle.

marine industry outlook improving

One of the first steps to securing a nice boat is to determine whether you want a used or a brand new vehicle. There are trusted boat dealers in Iowa like Team White’s Marine Center that offer pre-owned and unused boats made by leading manufacturers. Once you have chosen a reputable dealer and decided on which boat you would want to get, prepare a short list of units that would work within your allotted budget.

If you are buying a pre-owned boat, be sure to examine the vessel thoroughly and never hesitate to ask questions to the dealership regarding the condition of the unit. If there is something that you feel doesn’t look right or if you need some clarifications, ask questions immediately.

By purchasing from a reputable dealer and exercising due diligence, you will certainly get to ride along with the waves of growth currently being experienced by the boating industry.

(Source: “Marine industry outlook improving”, LakeExpo.com)


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