Visit Boat Dealers in Missouri for Recreational Fishing Boat Needs

If you want to have the ultimate angling experience off the waters of Missouri, summer is the best time to do it. Large sport species or “lunkers” like muskies, walleyes, and striped basses abound year-round, but catfish outshine the rest during the warm season. Writer Ken White gathered stories of resident anglers who enjoy catching catfish for a Springfield News-Leader article:

Industry News

“Many catfish anglers like Bob Walker of Independence are happy to see the Fourth of July arrive because that is when he starts getting serious about going after catfish.

Last year on July 6, Walker landed a 36-pound blue cat at Truman Lake, and that was just the beginning of a lot of catfish he hooked last year.”

Of course, you need to have the right vessel for an enjoyable and successful fishing expedition. If you are looking to get your own boat, or need to replace an existing one, established fishing boat dealers in Missouri may just have what you need. For freshwater fishing, you can choose from different boat types, including bass boats, deck boats, and all-purpose boats.

Bass Boats

Named after a favorite sport specie, bass boats are also the most popular vessels for freshwater fishing. Equipped with aerated live wells to keep your live baits and fish, this sleek craft fares well in tournaments and recreational fishing. The bass boat can usually carry up to three passengers who can comfortably stand or sit, cast rods, and reel in large fish.

Deck Boats

If you plan on tagging your fellow anglers, or family and friends along on a fishing expedition, you can get the passenger capacity you need from deck boats, which can typically hold 8 to 12 passengers. Alternatively, you can use the extra space for equipment, such as live wells and coolers. The boat’s stability is also advantageous when pulling in big, strong game.

All-Purpose Boats

When you want maximum versatility, all-purpose boats would be the ideal choice. This marine craft can be used in a variety of water sports and recreational activities aside from freshwater fishing, including cruising, skiing, and saltwater fishing. Their ease of navigation, engine power, durability, and numerous on-deck features are ideal for pursuing those elusive lunkers.

Dealers like White’s Marine Center have a wide array of quality boats for sale in Missouri, from which you will surely find the fishing boat that will suit your fancy.

(Source: Fireworks in July? It’s big catfish time, Springfield News-Leader, June 25, 2014)


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