Boat Dealers in Arkansas: Check Safety Issues Before Buying Used Boats

“How do you know which side of the buoys to stay on when traveling up or down a river?” asks reporter Ronnie Weston. Weston discusses an important guideline when cruising or fishing in state or national rivers.

Industry news

“Simple. Remember the 3Rs of boating: “Red right returning.” It applies in Arkansas and all over the nation.

Whether you are paddling a canoe, putting along in a john boat, whizzing in a bass boat or cruising on a houseboat, this simple rule will keep you in the right place – in the channel where it’s safe.

Returning means coming upstream from the ocean or the mouth of the stream. Keep the red buoys on your right as you travel upstream. That means the green buoys will be on your left. If you are going downstream, just reverse this. The red buoys will be on your left, green buoys on your right.”

Knowing this and other boating navigation rules should be a priority for all boaters to help ensure their safety. Of course, you should also make sure all equipment on board are fully functional, and can help you navigate any body of water with ease.

Boating safety begins with choosing the right vessel to purchase, especially if you are buying a pre-owned one. Going to reputable boat dealers in Arkansas can help guarantee you get a craft which meets all safety standards and requirements. You should also be aware of potential issues that could lead to maritime failures, such as those listed below; and watch out for these in selecting a boat to purchase.

Structural Integrity

If the boat shows physical signs of neglect or abuse, it could be a reflection of the boat’s overall state. Observe for mold, rust, water marks, and other signs of damage in the upholstery, woodwork, and other surfaces. Check to make sure all electrical systems, including generators, lights, and freshwater systems, are in good condition.

Engine Condition and Driving Performance

Through a test drive, you can gauge the power and condition of the engine, and the craft’s maneuverability. Check for ease of starting, good water flow, steering response, and overall driving comfort. Inspect critical mechanical parts for signs of excessive or harsh use, such as corrosion, leaking fluids, and waterlines inside the boat or engine (that could indicate flooding).

Repair History and Professional Inspection

Dealers like White’s Marine Center, who also offer excellent used boats for sale in Arkansas, can also perform professional marine surveys which could unveil a pre-owned vessel’s hidden flaws. Along with the boat’s repair history, the surveyor’s report can give you a very good idea of the vessel’s condition, and guide you in deciding if it is worth buying.

(Source: Remember the three Rs when boating on a river,, June 20, 2014)


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