New and Used Fishing Boats for Sale in Texas: Tips to Keep You Afloat

Are you thinking of buying a motor-powered fishing boat? New and used fishing boats for sale in Texas are available from trusted dealers, but you should buy and operate such vessel responsibly to maintain its condition and to safeguard your safety. Here are some tips on acquiring and maintaining fishing vessels that can help minimize risks of accidents and other hazards that come with fishing in fresh and salt waters.

Industry news

Know how to drain the boat.

New Texas regulations require the draining of boats and all receptacles on board before going in and out of any body of fresh water in the state. As reported by Karl Wehmhoener, web/content producer for

“The new Texas Parks and Wildlife Department regulation is designed to help combat the further spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species. It applies to all types and sizes of boats whether powered or not: personal watercraft, sailboats, kayaks/canoes, or any other vessel used on public waters.

The regulation requires the draining of livewells, bilges, motors, and any other receptacles or water-intake systems coming into contact with public waters.”

With this important regulation, prospective boaters should know which parts of the vessel need draining, as well as learn the proper way of draining. Fresh water elements and organisms that get onto a boat can break down the motor and the boat’s surfaces, which could lead to serious damages.

Check for quality.

A substandard boat design or layout, poor quality materials, and defective features can result in maritime trouble, and even tragedy. Equipment, such as navigation lights and sound-producing devices, should be in good, working condition at all times. Opt for boats produced by premier manufacturers that have rigorous quality assurance measures.

New boats should come with warranties, so that any needed repair costs are covered when problems arise. Secure insurance to financially protect yourself from repairs, replacements, and possible injuries. If possible, have quality inspections or test drives done on a vessel prior to finalizing a purchase.

Aside from offering boats for sale in Texas, dealers like White’s Marine Center can perform marine surveys, especially on pre-owned vessels. A thorough inspection will be done by a specialist–specifically a marine surveyor–to check for any structural or mechanical defect. The result of the inspection can help you in making an informed decision on whether or not to buy a boat, as well as in negotiating for a better deal with the dealer or seller.

(Source: New Warning by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on Texas Boating,, June 26, 2014)


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