Boat Dealers in Nebraska: A Look at Different Types of Fishing Boats

The Cornhusker State freshwater has unique biodiversity that makes it so attractive to recreational fishers. In an article for Bastrop Daily Enterprise, Glynn Harris, an award-winning outdoor writer, lists a few of the species you can catch in Nebraska’s waters, which are absent from the fishing grounds of Louisiana, where he lives.

Industry news

“Nebraska has largemouth bass. Louisiana has largemouth bass. Nebraska has catfish. Louisiana has catfish. Nebraska has crappie. Louisiana has crappie. Nebraska has white bass and hybrid stripers and bluegills. Louisiana has all these species as well.

There must have been something else added to the invitation the Geiger public relations firm sent me that hooked me, and there was.

Nebraska has walleyes. Louisiana doesn’t. Nebraska has yellow perch. Nada for the Sportsman’s Paradise. Nebraska has northern pike. You might find its cousin, the pickerel (jackfish) in Louisiana but not a northern swims in our state’s waters, and Nebraska has smallmouth bass, absent from Louisiana’s warm waters.”

Any true-blooded angler would love a chance to have a close encounter with these marine sluggers as well. With your own gear and boat, you can go on a fishing expedition off the waters of Nebraska, and challenge yourself in taking home these prized sport species. If you are considering buying a boat, here’s a brief rundown on some of the different types of vessels offered by fishing boat dealers in Nebraska.

Fishing Locations

There are various boat types suited either for freshwater or saltwater fishing, or for both. If you plan on angling in lakes, ponds, and rivers, choose freshwater boats, which may be anything from canoes and rowboats to furnished houseboats. However, if fishing on open seas and oceans is your kind of adventure, opt for saltwater or all-purpose boats that are larger, high-powered, more durable, and resistant to corrosion.

Boating Activities

Fishing boats are built mainly to provide the needs of angling enthusiasts, but some types serve more than just that purpose. Bass, center console, flat, and walkaround boats are primarily used for recreational fishing and angling tournaments. However, larger types of boats with more amenities or features like jet boats, convertibles, and deck boats can also be used for hosting parties, cruising, and other water sports.

Top-of-the-line freshwater fishing boats for sale in Nebraska, such as those sold by White’s Marine Center, are recommended for the best angling experience off the waters of the state. Go through these dealers’ inventory to find versatile makes and models that have all the features that suit your needs.

(Source: Searching for smallmouth bass in Nebraska, Bastrop Daily Enterprise, June 27, 2014)


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