Demand for Bennington Pontoon Boats is Expected to Rise this Summer

As in spring seasons of previous years, boating industry insiders expected sales to dip again in spring this year. However, compared to last year, this year’s spring sales figures were surprisingly higher, as U.S. Trade Only Today writer Jack Atzinger reports. The best performer for the first quarter of 2014 was fiberglass boats, gaining a 4.6 percent increase in sales. Sales of pontoon boats were also higher by 0.4 percent, further contributing to this year’s better than expected figures.

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Early spring is the time when snow and ice from winter starts to melt, which doesn’t exactly create good conditions for leisurely boat rides. This is why boat manufacturers like Bennington welcome the positive sales trend, which is expected to continue through the summer, when boat purchases traditionally peak.

The increasing sales of pontoon boats are also expected to continue in summer, particularly as more and more people are finding them to be chic vessels, perfect for hosting parties, outings, and get-togethers. Pontoon boats presently have their own niche, and those looking for these boats may find them only from reliable Bennington pontoon boats dealers, like White’s Marine Center, which serves Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and other states.

Those thinking of getting a pontoon boat may want to learn more about how it works, and its different types. As the name implies, pontoon boats are essentially large, rectangular platforms kept afloat by two or more metal tubes filled with air (a.k.a. pontoons).

Pontoon boats provide great relaxation and comfort, since much of the space in the boat is typically allocated to sofas, couches, pingpong tables, electronic devices, and similar fixtures. These vessels can accommodate about 6 to 17 people depending on their size, which usually ranges between 14 and 28 feet. Many pontoon boats are designed for smooth sailing, but others can rev up to speeds of about 30 miles per hour.

Pontoon boats are considered luxury vessels, and are often compared to open-top, fiberglass deck boats, which are faster, more maneuverable, and more stable. However, pontoon boats have greater carrying capacity and can accommodate more accessories and entertainment facilities, which make them the prime choice for relaxing summer trips down the lake.

An upgraded Bennington pontoon boat can even match the performance of fiberglass boats, thanks to performance packages. In fact, pontoon boats can be retrofitted into a fishing vessel or an RV-at-sea, with the right customization options.

As summer intensifies and people gear up to celebrate the season, pontoon boats are expected to make a splash, providing groups and families the ideal place to party under the sun.

(Source: Boat sales show slight 1Q gains, Trade Only Today, June 11, 2014)


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