Boats for Sale in Kansas: Game Fishing and Other Adventures on the Kaw

The Kansas River is ripe with game fish almost all year-round, making it a popular destination for both amateur and professional anglers from around the state. In fact, it was reported in The Kansas City Star that Olathe resident Joel Roberts recently caught a 96.4-pound giant blue catfish near the I-435 Bridge; quite close to the state catch record of 102.8 pounds, also from the Kansas River.


While the opportunity to reel in one of these monsters is what drives many Kansas residents to buy boats, the array of boats for sale in Kansas have been built for various other uses and purposes. Some are designed for wake boarding, while others can essentially be the second homes of true outdoor lovers. People don’t even need to have just one hobby to justify a boat purchase: 90 percent of all Americans live less than an hour away from the nearest lake, river, or waterway, where they can find all kinds of recreation and activities.

Boating is arguably one of the best ways to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. For one thing, boating requires teamwork; especially if the objective of the trip is to reach a beautiful destination or, indeed, catch a large fish.

Boating is particularly rewarding to children, since simple activities like securing fishing lines and dropping the anchor give them a sense of accomplishing grown-up stuff. Boating is also a great stress reliever, as it gives people a chance to peacefully commune with nature.

That said, the type of boat used can greatly influence the quality of one’s boating experience in the Kaw. Those who are shopping around for their own boats from trusted boat dealers in Kansas, like White’s Marine Center, can choose from a variety of boat types to suit their needs and preferences.

Dayboats are tiny vessels built with a small cabin. Some operate using sails instead of motors. They are primarily meant for leisure and recreation, which are also the purpose of sportscruisers, only that these high-end vessels are built with greater emphasis on luxury and speed.

Aft cabin boats, meanwhile, are considered the equivalent of an RV in the water, built with most, if not all, of the amenities of a mobile home. Weather conditions, water levels, and local boat laws determine which of these vessels are allowed on the Kansas River at a given time.

Then again, one can never go wrong with buying a fishing boat to have a shot at reeling in some big game fish in Kansas.

(Source: Kansas fishermen goes from bust to boom when he catches 96-pound blue catfish on Kansas River, The Kansas City Star, June 26, 2014)


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