Trade in Your Boat: Making Business with Boat Dealers in Oklahoma

The United States’ recreational boating industry has a staggering worth of $121.5 billion according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). This proven economic driver is fueled by the interest of many Americans in recreational boating, including fishing, angling, and sailing. In fact, statistics show that 37.8 percent of American adults participated in at least one recreational boating activity in 2012, which is very likely to be happening every year.

Boat Buying

Buying a boat is a good idea if you live in Oklahoma, where recreational fishing is commonplace. Unless you have an old boat to trade in, however, this huge purchase can be a drain on your savings. Trading-in is among the most efficient methods of purchasing a recreational fishing boat as it allows buyers to pursue an immediate opportunity on a new vessel while saving more at the same time. An article for discusses how trade-in works and how buyers like you can make a good bargain with reputable boat dealers in Oklahoma.

“When you trade-in your boat, you swap roles with the dealer. You are selling him a boat. But unlike an individual, a boat dealer doesn’t pay retail prices for the boats he buys—or for the maintenance supplies, engine parts, and T-shirts he may have on display either. Like any other business, a boat dealer buys the products he sells at wholesale prices so that it can be marked-up and a profit made. Expectations of getting retail book-value for a trade-in boat is a cause of great frustration for many buyers.”

Oklahoma locals are fortunate to have many boat dealers that offer high-quality vessels for trade-in, like White’s Marine Center. They do it to help buyers like you avoid two sales transactions, which normally take a long time. With trade-in, you can get a new boat right away since the boat you are supposed to sell on your own to instantly convert into cash becomes part of the payment. All you have to do is to shell out for the balance.

It also helps to trade in your vessel in a premier dealership, or one that is recognized by manufacturers like Mercury for their excellent service. Their reputation is a clear indicator that the product they will trade with your vessel is of high quality. As a bonus, you can expect to be treated properly while purchasing any of their represented boats for sale in Oklahoma as these professionals have a customer satisfaction index score higher than the national average.

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